Top Tips to Follow When Buying a Used Box Truck.
Top Tips to Follow When Buying a Used Box Truck.

Top Tips to Follow When Buying a Used Box Truck.

Box trucks are some of the most commonly used delivery vehicles by most businesses that transport or move merchandise and other equipment to customers, warehouses, or retail stores. The trucks are modified to fit the delivery role perfectly. For most businesses that don’t own these trucks, the only option is renting them, which can be quite expensive to do daily. For this reason, it is advisable to at least get a used box truck if the business can’t manage to buy a brand new one due to the high price.

As we all know, buying a used vehicle is a big gamble. If not careful, a business can find itself purchasing a vehicle that is in very bad shape, and it turns out to be a money pit because it will require many repairs and a change of parts. To avoid getting into such a situation and ensure you get the right truck for the business, you should research and equip yourself with relevant information. Below are some of the tips and considerations to look at when purchasing a used box truck.

Research and buy from a reputable seller

The market has a large number of sellers selling used trucks. So, to identify reputable sellers who sell quality trucks, you can inquire from other buyers or even go through the various sellers’ reviews to get a trusted seller. Reputable sellers will sell you a truck that suits the business and won’t require any unnecessary repairs.

Consider your budget

Always be prepared with a budget of the amount of money you intend to spend on purchasing the truck. Guided by the features you want and the use of the box truck, you should go through the available choices and settle for a truck that fits your budget. With a budget, you get to reduce the scope of your search to just some specific trucks that fit in the budget. This will help you avoid overspending.

Consider what the business is going to move or transport

The type of cargo you will move or transport will determine the size, length, flooring, chassis and even the type of tyres on the box truck. If you are transporting long goods like timber or even metals, you should consider buying a bigger truck with more durable flooring. When it comes to size, most people make the mistake of going for the biggest one to play safe, not knowing they will have to spend more.

Also, when it comes to what you intend to move, one may need a box truck with modifications like a refrigerator if the cargo to be transported is perishable.

Enquire why the owner is selling

This is a very critical step in buying a used box truck. This is where you get to know if the truck has any underlying mechanical issues that you will need to fix after purchasing. Some problems are minor and won’t cost a lot to fix but if the mechanical problems are too much, never take the risk of buying such a truck as you will be inheriting a load of problems, which become a money pit.

But to be completely safe, it is advisable to buy a truck that does not have any mechanical problems at all. Sometimes that small problem may be a sign for a bigger problem that might keep on recurring.

Ensure you inspect the condition of the box truck

Perform a thorough inspection of the truck to ensure everything is intact and operating as it should be. To be safer, you can take a professional mechanic to help you perform the inspection and avoid a load of problems in the future. Here are some of the things you should keenly look at as you inspect the truck.

  • The body: Inspect the vehicle carefully from the roof to the bottom and front to back, looking out for rust patches. Small rust patches should not worry you, but you should not buy if you see bigger rust patches. Ensure the windows and doors work perfectly and ensure the seals are in good condition not to allow water to leak into the truck.
  • Check the mileage: If a truck has high mileage, but it is still relatively young, this indicates it has been used for longer journeys and many hours of driving and should be avoided. Also, if a truck shows low mileage but looks old, it should be avoided with suspicion.
  • Check the engine coolant: Check under the hood to inspect the condition of the engine fluid. If the coolant has a rusty or brown colour, this is a clear indication that there is rust in other parts of the engine like the heater core and radiator.
  • Check the engine oil: If you notice solid particles or sludge in the engine oil, that is a clear indication that a change is required.
  • Inspect the engine surface and air filter: Oil or grease patches on the surface of the engine and dirt on the air filters indicate a poorly maintained engine.
  • Check all the lights: Start the truck and turn on all the lights both inside and outside. Make sure all of them work. one problem you don’t want to come across in a truck is electrical problems since it costs a lot to do repairs.

Inquire about the maintenance history of the truck

After determining that the box truck has no problems, you should request to see the maintenance records. Look out for the major repairs and how often they are performed. Also, check if any parts have been replaced. This information gives you an idea about the history of the truck repairs, meaning you have an idea of where to start looking if you buy it and it experiences problems.

Parting words

Acquiring a used box truck is a big milestone for a business. However, if one dives into the process without any plans, they might regret getting something that does not suit the business. But if you follow the above guidelines to the latter when buying, you can be sure to get the truck that fits the business perfectly and have no regrets about unnecessary repairs that cost a lot.